Sunday, 13 April 2014

National football museum Manchester

I visited the football museum in January 2014. It was my first visit so I wasn't sure what to except.

We found the museum easily as we had walked from the hotel to the museum which overall was easily done with the wheelchair over all. We choose to walk as it wasn't far but could easily have used a taxi as they are all wheelchair accessible and always happy to help if need be.

Upon arrival at the museum I found the entrance was all accessible with automatic doors (always a relief!). The entrance was large and welcome desk had a lowered area and loop fir those with hearing impairments.

Inside the museum I found the whole museum accessible and you can easily participate in the interactive things, the telephones for example where lowered.

Now if you like heights it probably wouldn't both you but for me it wasn't great! The life goes up and down on a graduate incline/decline you are effectively on a ski lift but an actual lift!

After visiting the museum we visited the gift shop which was disappointed with as it was quite small in size and packed so not easy for a wheelchair user to look around.

Overall I give it a 9/10 simply because of the gift shop and I wasn't keen on that lift!

But I'd recommend anyone football fan to visit!

Old Trafford

Manchester United FC where I can be found when tickets are Avilable!

From an accessible view. Mudsa (Manchester United disabled supporters association) have this season started a new way to apply for tickets which I feel is much better. You now apply for tickets via the website or you can still ring if you prefer and then you go into a ballot the same as other members.

Upon arrival at old Trafford if in a car, you are directed to where to park and then it's a short walk to the entrance, if on foot, please do arrive early as it is busy and it takes a bit of time to get a wheelchair through the crowds!

All wheelchair users enter via the same entrance and you need your ticket and name to give the steward before gaining entrance. Once you are in you can enjoy the ability suit. Which has been designed for wheelchair users in mind. It has a lowered counter so you can order and get your food/ drink easily.

Once your ready to go to your seat. It's all ramped there are three sections of seats and depending on where your seat is which ramp you use. The seats are good plenty of room for you and your companion to sit next to you.

Only negative is if your on the top teir your sat right in front of the away fans who are loud and it can be scary if your not a hardened football supporter.

Manchester United get a 10/10 from me over all. I'm not reflecting this on disabled ticketing just the facilities.

Lowry hotel Manchester

The Lowry hotel is my favourite hotel in Manchestsd and if possible I'll stay and these are my reasons.

Unfortunately you can't book a disabled room online but if you ring up the hotel and ask to speak to the reservations team they will advise you on availability and help anyway they can.

Once your booked you guaenteed an excellent welcome at the hotel. There is a ramp on the right hand side of the steps to enter the hotel, this is wide and a gradual incline so manageable for wheelchair users.

Upon entry at the hotel unfortunately the desk aren't lowered to accomdated wheelchairs users but the staff are extreamly helpful and come around to you to pay and anything else needing doing. The lifts are a good size.

When you enter the room you will be impressed they have really thought about the user. From the bed level it's just about right fir a transfer for an average hight person. They have a full length mirror that is floor to ceiling so excellent for a wheelchair user. They have a walk in wardrobe that I as a wheelchair user can use.

The bathroom is excellent you have two! One for your able bodied companion and a second for a wheelchair user which is fully equipped. The sink is a good hight and you can roll under it so you can use it correctly. The toilet is well positioned and has appropriate aids to the side. They have a shower which again is excellent and easy to use.

The hotel as a whole is really well layed out and easy to get around as a wheelchair user. There is a disabled toilet in the bar area which is inside the ladies so you can join friends for a chat! Ideal!

In conclusion I feel the hotel has been well thought out and has excellent rooms for disabled customers it has a few minor issues but with such friendly staff and help readily Avilable I would still give the hotel a 10/10.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Birmingham New street & crosscountry & Manchester Picadilly

This is a bit of a mixed bag as this is the main line i travel on and so i thought it was essential to mention and also easier todo them as a 3 than 1 as they all flow together.


My inital contact with the train company is to book my tickets which is easily done via phone/internet or at the station. Then i ring the accessable passenger line, who im sure you have guessed have my details! I then infirm them which stations im using and if im traveling alone along or with companion then they book my help and seats. book in advance, depending who your traveling with on the number but once registered the call takes literally a few moments.

Birmingham New street

Fantastic station all totally accessable and the new lifts are great down to the platforms! The staff at birmingham are also great and punctual to get you to your train and ensure theres no luggage/ pushchairs in the wheelchair area! They also are always there to meet you off the train, only had 1 issue which was a last minute train journey so not really there fault. I can not priase this station enough 10/10!


Excellent service, the train managers are always poliet and helpful, they often ring ahead to the station just to make sure help is at the other end. i have contacted them recently to thank them for the care shown. On a recent trip to manchester i was stuck in the storms and i have to say they were brilliant at working out my support at short notice to allow me to travel due to it being no fault of my own.

Manchester Picadilly

Manchester again the facilitites are fantastic. The staff are helpful and friendly when informing you of trains and when they will collect you to help you on the train with you luggage. Another station i highly recommend.

Train travel has got better for disabled travelers (from a wheelchair prospective)

Dont forget to check if you are eligable for a disabled railcard which is £20 for the year and entitled you to a 1/3 off train tickets. I recently got mine and it took about 8 days

Sunday, 19 January 2014

First Contact

Manchester - hotels

So i am in need of a disabled room whats the first thing i do look online to see if my regular hotel has room unfortunatly not so i need to look for a new hotel. I look for a well known hotel chain that should have disabled rooms.

I was correct they did, i fill in the inline form, dates, number of people and requested a disabled room. I am doing this 2 months in advance because disabled rooms book up quickly as there are fewer in comparison to "standard rooms."

The only room they have is a double accessable room which isnt suitable as im going with a friend to a gig and we need seperate beds. So i weight up booking a standard room and after thought decide this isnt suitable. So i find the main number an 08 number at that (premier costs). I ring them up and explain my problem and ask if there is anything they can do? I spoke to a person in a contact centre who inform me she isnt sure but she'll put me though to Manchester Cnetral - Picadilly Gardens.

I speak to a recpetionist who i again explain my problem and she says they will get housekeeping to make the room up ad a twin and says to book online and ring back with booking reference (you get better deals booking online). I was given the reception number so i didnt have to use a premium number to contact them again which i was greatful for.

I booked my room for March 2014 and then rang back with my booking reference and she put all the details on the system so my room will be ready on the day!

This is my first stay with Premier Inn Hotel as a disabled customer. So far i have been very impressed with the service.

A few tips

  • Book early
  • Ask if you have any problems
  • try to book online where possible
I will do a follow up post in March on my experience of the hotel.

Friday, 17 January 2014

My new blog

So i thought id outline why and what in this first blog!

Firstly i would like to say that if you have a disability and would like to guest blog then let me know, we all have different views and experiences of places so lets get it out there!!

With this blog i hope to show my experiences from a wheelchair user of different places and travel companies even hotels! Why because this is my views and i hope it will help others to get the most out of days out by reading this blog.

Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy this blog.